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Heaven and Earth Enterprises International Ltd.


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Other products availible at Heaven & Earth

Essential Oils (Theraputic Quality)
Rare Essential Oils and Resins ie. Rose Absolute, Neroli, Liquidamber and Pheromones. (Please call for prices)
Blended Oils, Both patent and custom blends.
Patent Fragrances, ie. "like" White Diamonds.
Soaps (sented, medicated or custom)
Liquid Soap
lip balms
Candles, wax and beeswax
Incense, patent and custom blends.

Services provided by Heaven & Earth (By phone, email or on-site services)

What's Up With...: A series of custom written manuals on herbs and essential oils, based on the clients' need.

Nutritional Consultation: Featuring Western, Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic methods.

Health Analysis: Full consults, with referrals.

Herbal Remedies: Individual herbs, blended compounds and patent blends.

Naturopsychiatry: A holistic approach to dealing with lifes' problems, along with herbal remedies to treat some of their symptoms.

Bodywork: Featuring a full range of massotechnique.

Relaxation and Meditation: Including the use of color, light and sound.

Tea Room: A quiet corner to retreat, relax and focus. Teas are also served, and reading material provided.

Workshops and Seminars.

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Our Quality Assurance - Is measured by results!

At Heaven & Earth, the Dingo stands behind all his products.