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Heaven and Earth Enterprises International Ltd.


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News and Events

Our stock is availible and orders will be shipped on time!

However, our on-site services are being temporarily postponed until the new site is ready.....Please bear with us, and keep those orders coming!

Our business is expanding!

Due to the recent success of our new product line, two new retailers have decided to carry our merchandise...

And the winner is...

In the great race of life, we will never know who one until the last person crosses the finish line.... For He said "The first, shall be last and the last, shall be first."

It's finally here! The Dingo's Den, Click the elf, to enter.

A bicycle; Actual size=130 pixels wide

Finally, there is a passage between Heaven and Earth Enterprises Ltd., and The Dingo's Den! It's called The Crawl Space and it is a fun way to get to know the Dingo. You will find hidden "rooms" and pick up "scent" trails. Before you know it, you're meeting other "puppies", and may even brush up against the Dingo, in person! So "crawl" in and have fun!