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Here's Seven Dingo!


Who am I?
A Few Feathers (in my cap)
Other Links into my world, to know me is to love me!
Well, do you feel curious?
The Rules of Etiquette While in The Dingo's Den: If you can't be house broken, you're gonna be put out on the lawn!
Who am I?

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Well, let me tell you all about it!

I grew up in Upstate New York, and now live in Central Ohio. I am 44 years old and retired from the United States Marine Corps. I am a last year Naturopathic Medical student and hopes to be done soon. I am the founder and CEO of Heaven and Earth Enterprises International Ltd. I am single, with young adult children.

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I have a BA in the Interdisciplinary Sciences of:
Social and Indutrial Psychology
Sociology and Cultural Anthropology
Social Work and Counseling

I am a Master Herbalist (The grandson of a Native American medicine woman.

I am an aggressive advocate of children and nature.

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Today, I have a fledgling business in Holistic Health and Naturopathic Medicine, as a consultant and provider. This keeps me very busy, and there are numerous challenges. My goal is to expand it and go global!

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Here are a few of my favorite things:

A quiet setting in the company of a beautiful and intelligent woman.

Spending time alone in the woods.

A romantic walk along the ocean.

An exciting Anime book or movie.

The thrill of the hunt.


Relaxing music.


The type of music that I like varies according to my mood, but here are some examples:

Mannaheim Steamrollers
Blues Travelers
Sugar Ray
The Oldies
Spyro Gyra
Some female Thai singer
Pachalbel (Cannon)
New Age