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Here's Seven Dingo!
Who am I?
A Few Feathers (in my cap)
Other Links into my world, to know me is to love me!
Well, do you feel curious?
The Rules of Etiquette While in The Dingo's Den: If you can't be house broken, you're gonna be put out on the lawn!

Welcome Winter Sunset

You are about to enter the life of Seven Dingo. Here you will learn about the type of person I am. "To know me is to love me." So read on, then tell me what you think.

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Never before in history did a person have the opportunity to learn so much about a person with out a formal introduction. So let's consider this to be a letter of introduction, to any one who may have positive prospects for me. I will make revisions, from time to time, as questions increase, but for now, here's Seven Dingo!

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So, here we go!

My name is Seven Dingo. Of course I am known by other names, for example, Aja, and Taoteheal, but Seven Dingo is the one I am Most known by on the web. As you get to know me more personal information will be revealed, and there will be opportunities for you to ask even more personal questions by the email addresses that will be given in this page.

Please sign my guestbook with any comments or reactions you have to my site. You can also contact me privately. I love to get mail!

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A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

From time to time you will wonder "Where in the world is that 'Dingo?'".


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What's New?

I'm in the process of expanding my small business, I will be taking it international. That means I'll be traveling more than ever. It also means that I the chance to meet you, face to face. The last country I visited was Canada.

I took a train from Niagara Falls, to Toronto, Ont.

Train in the Woods

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Let's begin our introduction, but first, you have to sign in and tell me a bit about yourself.

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